The Manual for California
Patients' Rights Advocates

California Association of Mental Health Patients' Rights Advocates
(C.A.M.H.P.R.A.) Guide

The Manual for California Patients' Rights Advocates has been prepared for use on the internet for easy access. Please bookmark this page for future reference.

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Part 1

Chapter I: Basic Skills for Advocacy
Chapter 2: History and Fundamental Concepts
Chapter 3: Complaint Procedures and Resolution
Chapter 4: Representing Clients
Chapter 5: Education and Training Development
Chapter 6: Monitoring
Chapter 7: Policy and Procedure Review
Chapter 8: Cultural Competency

Part 2

Chapter 9: Patients Rights
Chapter 10: Authority of Advocates
Chapter 11: Legal Requirements of Hearings
Chapter 12: Seclusion and Restraint
Chapter 13: Informed Consent
Chapter 14: Confidentiality
Chapter 15: Legal Status
Chapter 16: Minors
Chapter 17: Facilities
Chapter 18: Forensics
Chapter 19: Civil Rights
Chapter 20: Public Disability Benefits