Discharge of Patient - Aftercare


Article 1 GENERAL

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§ 1262. Discharge of patient; distribution of written aftercare plan; components; applicable facilities
(a) When a mental health patient is being discharged from one of the facilities specified in subdivision (c), the patient and the patient’s conservator, guardian, or other legally authorized representative shall be given a written aftercare plan prior to the patient’s discharge from the facility. The written aftercare plan shall include, to the extent known, all of the following components:

(1) The nature of the illness and followup required.

(2) Medications including side effects and dosage schedules. If the patient was given an informed consent form with his or her medications, the form shall satisfy the requirement for information on side effects of the medications.

(3) Expected course of recovery.

(4) Recommendations regarding treatment that are relevant to the patient’s care.

(5) Referrals to providers of medical and mental health services.

(6) Other relevant information.

(b) The patient shall be advised by facility personnel that he or she may designate another person to receive a copy of the aftercare plan. A copy of the aftercare plan shall be given to any person designated by the patient.

(c) Subdivision (a) applies to all of the following facilities:

(1) A state mental hospital.

(2) A general acute care hospital as described in subdivision (a) of Section 1250.

(3) An acute psychiatric hospital as described in subdivision (b) of
Section 1250.

(4) A psychiatric health facility as described in Section 1250.2.

(5) A mental health rehabilitation center as described in Section 5675 of the Welfare and Institutions Code.

(6) A skilled nursing facility with a special treatment program, as described in Section 51335 and Sections 72443 to 72475, inclusive, of Title 22 of the California Code of Regulations.

(d) For purposes of this section, “mental health patient” means a person who is admitted to the facility primarily for the diagnosis or treatment of a mental disorder.