§71507 - Title 22


Patients' Rights



§71507. Patients’ Rights.

(a) All patients shall have rights which include, but are not limited to the following:

(1) To wear his own clothes, to keep and use his own personal possessions including his toilet articles; and to keep and be allowed to spend a reasonable sum of his own money for canteen expenses and small purchases.

(2) To have access to individual storage space for his private use.

(3) To see visitors each day.

(4) To have reasonable access to telephones, both to make and receive confidential calls.

(5) To have ready access to letter writing materials, including stamps, and to mail and receive unopened correspondence.

(6) To refuse shock treatment.

(7) To refuse psychosurgery as defined in Section 5325, Welfare and Institutions Code.

(8) To be informed of the provisions of law regarding complaints and of procedures for registering complaints confidentially, including but not limited to, the address and telephone number of the complaint receiving unit of the Department.

(9) All other rights as provided by law or regulation.

(b) The physician who has overall responsibility for the service or his designee, may for good cause, deny a person any of the rights specified in (a) above, except those rights specified in subsection (7) and (9) above and the rights under subsection (6) may be denied only under the conditions specified in Section 5326.7, Welfare and Institutions Code. The denial, and the reasons therefore, shall be entered in the patient’s medical record.

(c) These rights, written in English and Spanish, shall be prominently posted.

(d) There shall be a procedure established whereby patient complaints are forwarded to hospital administration. Knowledge of this procedure shall be readily available to patients. The hospital administration shall, in all cases, acknowledge to the patient their receipt of his complaint. Additional follow–up of the complaint and response to the patient shall be handled as is appropriate.