§ 865.4 - Title 9


Seclusion and Restraints


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§ 865.4. Seclusion and Restraints.

(a) Seclusion is the involuntary isolation of a patient in a locked room. Seclusion and/or restraints shall never be used as punishment or as a substitute for a less restrictive alternative form of treatment.

(b) Each instance of seclusion and/or restraints shall be noted in the patient’s record in accordance with Section 865.3.

(c) Documentation of the Section 861 rights actually denied a person in seclusion or restraints shall be entered in the patient’s record.

(d) In addition to the foregoing, all of the provisions contained in Sections 70577(j) (General Acute Care Hospitals), 71545 (Acute Psychiatric Hospitals), 72407, 72409, 72411, 72413 (SNF), and 73403, 73405, 73407, 73409 (ICF) of Title 22 of the California Administrative Code shall prevail as applicable rules for the respective health care facilities.

(e) The authority for the use of seclusion and/or restraints on any resident of a community care facility shall be in accordance with provisions of Title 22, California Administrative Code, Section 80403(f).