Kathi's Mental Health Review"


Kathi Stringer wrote a Quality Improvement Committee (QIC) manual to address the quality and delivery of mental health services
*QIC Training with Manual!
Presented in Sept of 2005 and available on DVD with Training Manual for DVD

Joined via videoconference between PAI Offices in (Now Disability Rights CA)

Los Angeles,

                  Sacramento and San Diego

Why would a Quality Improvement Committee (QIC) procedure manual be helpful?  QIC will be of important to you if:
  • You are interested in the quality of out-patient services
  • You are interested in the quality of in-patient services
  • You are interested in improving mental health services
Many people do not know what a Quality Improvement Committee does nor how they can contribute to the process.   The training and manual will teach you how to participate effectively at your local QIC meeting.
Getting Started -


You can now view the DVD training online. But before you do, print out the Training AID.  The Training AID will help you follow along while watching the online DVD training. 


There is no way to cover the entire QIC Manual in 2 hours, so this is why we used a Training AID instead.  I addressed "hot spots" to get you going.  But once you view the DVD Online training, you will want to look at the QIC Manual more closely. 

You can print out the actual QIC Manual.  AND, of course you will want a printed copy of the manual because this was the whole point of the training. The manual also will need some extra pages to be inserted.  So I will put the links to the QIC Manual and the inserts below:

There you have it. So,

#1 Print out the Training AID and view the Online DVD Training

#1 Print out the QIC Manual and it's INSERTS