Paul Cumming - Advocate


Paul Cumming, National Outreach & Training Manager, Network of Care (NOC)

Trilogy Integrated Resources, San Rafael, CA

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January 16, 2012 News.....
Solution based advocacy, our dream on Martin Luther King Day for the mental health community

Paul in the Trilogy Press Room - Network of Care: What Is It and How Can I Learn How to Use It?

Nebraska Network of Care Provides Help for People with Mental Diseases

Discussion of Laura’s Law Takes on a Personal Cast

Audio of Paul Cumming:

August 3, 2010 – Nebraska Network of Care
Paul Cumming of Trilogy Integrated Resources, LCC of San Rafael, CA, and Carol Coussons DeReyes, Director of Consumer Affairs for the Nebraska Division of Behavioral Health, will share valuable information about Nebraska Network of Care, a Web site full of resources for mental health care by region in Nebraska.

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Paul Cumming Wins NAMI 2009 Consumer of the Year Award

Paul Cumming KNOP May 2009

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Network of Care (NOC)
National Outreach Advocate
Trilogy Integrated Resources Inc.
(619) 318-9079; Fax 619 659-9379


Below: Paul Cumming Wins NAMI 2009 Consumer of the Year Award
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Paul Cumming at SAMHSA 2009