CIT Officer Receives 
        Citizen Commendation

cit_adams.jpg (9355 bytes)Officer Ted Adams, assigned to the Fondren Patrol Division, received a call to a local hospital regarding a mentally ill patient who had jumped out of a hospital window. The patient was paranoid schizophrenic and thought the hospital staff was going to kill him. The patient had jumped from the window in his room to a ledge below it.

Upon arrival, Officer Adams called for a Houston Fire Department Pumper truck. Adams climbed the truck’s ladder and attempted to establish communication with the patient. At first, the patient was very paranoid and agitated. Officer Adams tried to talk to the patient utilizing the communication techniques learned in the Crisis Intervention Team class. Adams stated he took a non-confrontational approach, kept his distance, actively listened, allowed the patient to ventilate, was patient, and tried to be supportive and empathetic. The techniques worked; after a few minutes the situation started to de-escalate. After approximately 45 minutes, the patient trusted Officer Adams enough to allow him to bring the paramedics up. The paramedics treated the patient for a broken leg, lacerations, and abrasions. The patient was admitted back into the hospital.

Approximately two months later, a very appreciative citizen wrote a letter to Chief Bradford crediting Officer Adams with saving his life. This citizen also thanked Chief Bradford for having officers with these specialized skills.