Korean War FAQ

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  1. What is the purpose of the Korean War FAQ?
  2. Why did PRC send troops to Korea?
  3. What was China's military objective in the Koren war?
  4. Did PRC warn US/UN before it sent troops?
  5. Why did PRC send troops under the name of volunteer army?
  6. When did PVA first enter Korea?
  7. What was an army in PLA unit hierarchy?
  8. How was the PLA equipment in the Korean war?
  9. What were PVA's tactics  and strategies in Korean war?
  10. Who was the PVA commander in Korea?
  11. How did PVA's strength compare to that of  US/UN forces at the second campaign?
  12. How did PVA perform in its first campaign against US/UN forces?
  13. How did PVA perform in the second campaign?
  14. How about the third PVA campaign?
  15. How did PVA perform in the 4th campaign?
  16. How about the 5th campaign?
  17. Why was PLA 180th Division lost?
  18. What happened after the 5th campaign?
  19. What was the PVA and UN numerical strength at various stages of the Korean war?
  20. What is "human wave" tactics?
  21. How many casualties did PVA suffer?
  22. How many casualties UN suffered?
  23. Why did the truce talk drag for so long?
  24. How were Chinese and NK POWs treated by US?
  25. How did Chinese treat POWs?
  26. What was the big dispute on POW repatriation?
  27. Was the "voluntary repatriation" a violation of  the Geneva Convention?
  28. If the repatriation was voluntary, why did the POWs revolt?
  29. Why were so many Chinese POWs repatriated to KMT regime in Taiwan?
  30. How many western POWs choose not to repatriate?
  31. What did Mao say about US after the Korean war?
  32. Did US consider the use the A-Bomb in Korea?
  33. As a side question, did US threaten China with nukes after the Korean war?
  34. How many civilians were killed by US forces in Korea?
  35. What was the lesson China learned from the Korean war?
  36. What is the future outlook of Sino-US relations?