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Korean War SC Coll Box 1 RG6S-KWP.5 MAJ C. G. Welcher, assigned to 71st SIG SV BN for duty with GHQ Photo Lab as Chief, Laboratory Branch, GHQ FEC and LT COL K. C. Shrader, SIG Officer, 1st Cav Div at Division HQS in Korea, 31 March 1951.

Korean War SC Coll Box 1 RG6S-KWP.41 MAJ GENERAL Hobart Gay (left) CG of the 1st Cavalry Division and LT COL William A. Harris, CO of the 77th Field Artillery Battalion, observe the effectiveness of the 77th fire at the Communist lead North Korean forces north of Taegu, 12 Sept

Korean War SC Coll Box 1 RG6S-KWP.36 CPL George D. Smedley of Mt. Vemon, Ind (L) and SGT Thomas P. Montana of Yuma, Ariz, light machine gun crew members of Co C, 8th Cav Regt, 1st Cav Div, watch for Communist-led North Koreans troops on the 38th parallel line, northwest of Kaesong.

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Korean War SC Coll Box 11 Transp-Foot#2 SFC Carl W. Howard, Belfast, Maine and PFC Daniel Wellman, Escanaba, Michigan, members of the 25th Inf Division, use Korean methods for transporting supplies near the Korean fighting front. Gun crew of a 105mm howitzer in action along the 1st Cavalry Division sector of the Korean battle front.


Cpl. Elmer Soprano, First Platoon, Company A, 4th Signal Battalion. leans over a cliff to fasten a jumper, as they rehabilitate lines from Tanyang to Chechon, Korea.

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Capt. Sylvia Pavolvich, army nurse of the 8209th Mobile Surgical Hospital, US Eighth Army, administers whole blood to a wounded US X Corps soldier.
Sr Col Lee Hak-ku, Chief of Staff, 13th Division, North Korean Army, captured by Co B, 8th Cav Regiment, 1st Division, near Taegu, Korea.
American troops secure a mountain top somewhere in Korea.


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