I dedicate ChildSURVIVORS to all the survivors in the universe.

I dedicate it to each and every survivor who created a mechanism for themselves to make their way through their own experiences so they could live.
I dedicate it to those survivors who were not so creative and left this world, I rejoice that their pain ended and they left behind the body they no longer needed and winged their way to another world.

I dedicate it to the survivors who pulled themselves up by their own bootstraps, closing doors and windows to their past and are thriving.
I dedicate it to the survivors who live lives filled with physical,  emotional and mental challenges as a result of their experiences and who are thriving daily with their challenges.

I dedicate it to the survivors who have gone and continue to go through years of healing with the help of those whose have accepted the job of seeing, hearing and believing them.
I dedicate it to the survivors who spend endless hours listening and sharing with other survivors being seen, seeing, being heard, hearing and being believed and believing in their stories, their feelings, their thoughts and all of who they have and will become.

I dedicate it to the support of survivors in finding positive ways of managing the structures that they have created to make their way through their experiences.

May everyone here in our circle of family and friends at CirclingLIGHTS
always keep the candles in our hearts lit with the LIGHT OF  Love, Intuition, Giving, Healing and Thriving that comes from being a Survivor.

I dedicate