Welcome to Circling L.I.G.H.T.S....Loving, Intuitive, Giving, Healing, Thriving, Survivors!

ChildSURVIVORS  is a caring circle of family and friends.  Our mission is one of building bridges of trust by providing a warm loving place for each of us to be, do, think, and feel. As the four seasons of nature are recycled year after year; so too do our being, doing, thinking and feeling times.

Our mission is to ask and answer the difficult questions about our lives.  As we once embraced our fear from a place of pain, we can now embrace it from a place of power. Our mission is to pull together for one another when things get rough and to celebrate our successes.  As sure as the darkness turns to light, so too does our light turn to darkness; we need both to nourish us.  Our mission is to share our experiences, our growing, our friendship and our love with a community of family and friends.  We welcome YOU to our caring circle.




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