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by Kathi Stringer
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Borderline Personality Disorder and

Written by Kathi Stringer


"Could he know what he was doing and that it was wrong? To me it was intentional and could have been prevented, not unintentionally created by a mental disorder."


This maybe true. Just an after thought for consideration…

In some of the more severe individuals with bpd there is a complete fragmentation. It becomes really confusing since so many statements and behaviors appear to be contradictory. Believe it or not, some are unable to bridge the pathological process of opposing thoughts. Then what happens is the internal drama of the bpd is played out in reality. A person gets a taste of their internal confusion.

Some individuals do have a sense of an internal connection and this is helpful because it offers them a chance to tune-in to what is going on…to help bridge the internal compartmentalization. As if with practice an individual with bpd can observe and integrate these conflicting views.

Some bpd’s when severely emotionally disturbed have no avenue to make a connection of the self and what is going on inside them is the mirror of what is going on outside them. For example if a person is getting conflicting and opposite statements, this is exactly what is happening in the mind of a bpd. Pure conflict and comes off as irrational thought. What it really is, is thought that hasn’t been combined and processed. Sort of what a person sees is Freud’s Primary Process to rid disturbing impulses quickly in raw form, rather then the more integrated Secondary Process of reason in the developing ego.

I guess in a way, one side does know what they are doing and the other side doesn’t have a clue. What an individual with bpd projects, is what is going on inside them. If it appears to look like confusion, opposite, conflicting and contrary from one statement to the next…then you can get an idea of the drama going within the individual.