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"Psych 101 -
What you didn't learn in nursing school."

by Kathi Stringer
Paperback: 320 pages
ISBN-13: 978-0615193137

I Am Prejudice

Written by Kathi Stringer

April 2, 2003

“I am prejudice against prejudice people.”

There are prejudice individuals on a grand continuum that are filled with a wrath of contempt and prejudice for people that are different races, cultural, and customs. These individuals are filled with distain toward people that behave culturally different than their own civilizing, educational and literary societies. These prejudice individuals feel compelled to single out non-prejudice communities and label them hypocrites because they take up arms to combat the social injustices from flagrant prejudices. Prejudice individuals think, “If you cannot accept a hateful and prejudice people, then you yourself are a hypocrite because you do not accept us with our prejudice.”

People that struggle to eradicate the stigma against; patients with psychiatric labels, victims with missing limbs, persons with developmental arrest, societies of a different race, are singled out as hypocrites because they do not accept the stigma that these prejudice individuals heap upon them. To those that hate, to those that point fingers, to those that are judgmental, to those that are filled with venom and anxious to spew their poison, they find an anti-stigma stance as irrational, confusing and flawed. Prejudice individuals believe that to hold a stance against them is to be hypocritical and two-faced. Such hateful and judgmental individuals believe their intolerance of others should be accepted on the same platform of love and acceptance. Certainly, our future would be distorted if we were to accept and perpetuate this paradox as a rational position.

Judgmental individuals that live in glass houses and throw stones have a preconceived notion how the world around them should behave and respond. These individuals promote the false-self upon others imbued with their view that parallels with world though their own distorted lenses, and they extort derivatives of the genuine true-self from those they come into contact. The prejudice individual will use their logic to render us hypocritical because we view their prejudices of the world as distorted, flawed and skewed.

However the paradox, in succinct, should we be prejudice against prejudice people?


United we stand as humanity, as a creation, as a global nation of individuals. Let us rally together to promote our true-self with freedom and liberty. Let freedom ring on a platform of peace and unity, for all.