Prisoners of Childhood

The first time I read this, I cried for a long time. Alice Miller is a talented writer and therapist. I hope you enjoy here work as much as I do. - Kathi Stringer

Written by Alice Miller

In analysis, the small and lonely child that is hidden behind his achievements and wakes up and asks: "What would have happened if I had appeared before you, bad, ugly, angry, jealous, lazy, dirty, smelly? Where would your love have been then? And I was all these things as well. Does this mean that it was not really me whom you loved, but only what I pretended to be? The well-behaved, reliable, empathic, understanding, and convenient child, who in fact ws never a child at all? What became of my childhood? Have I not been cheated out of it? I can never return to it. I can never make up for it. From the beginning I have been a little adult. My abilities -- were they simply misused?"

These questions are accompanied by much grief and pain.....

- Alice Miller