What is D. A. T.?

Dynamic Attachment Therapy

Is a method of confronting core emotional issues in a safe environment, allowing the patient to access their deepest feelings. It is recommended for certain children whose behavior is indicative of attachment difficulties and is manifested by extreme control issues. A trusting partnership is formed and leveraged to "break up" the child’s habitually rigid and stereotypical responses. As the child seeks inappropriate control, the therapists set tight limits, leading to control battles. The patient’s usual repetitive defense mechanisms are not allowed to be effective. The therapist wins the control battle on his/her terms by taking appropriate control. The child’s usual defenses of intellectualization, control and manipulation do not work. The child then feels safe enough to allow their deepest feelings to emerge and be expressed to the therapists. The patient finds that the feelings destroy neither themselves or the therapists and the expectations of shame or abuse are not realized, but rather a sense of love and trust is developed.

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