Childhood Symptoms of Serious
Attachment Problems

If you believe your child has attachment problems, then check out some of the symptoms below:

Superficially charming and engaging.

Affectionate with strangers or attempts to leave with strangers.

Refuses, resists, or is uncomfortable with affection on parental terms.

Hyperactive, over-active, or attention deficit.

Destructive to self or others.

Significant learning problems or lags.

Fire setting, fire play, or fascination with fire.

Hoarding, gorging, eating abnormalities, or hiding food.

Intense control battles.

Incessant chatter or nonsense questions.

Cruelty to animals, siblings, or others.

Poor, underdeveloped, or no conscience.

Fascination with weapons, blood, or gore.

Daily lying or lying in the face of the obvious (crazy lying).

Parents who feel like giving up or feel hostile toward the child.