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What's New    Jan 4, 2007

Awarding wining dance instructor Paul McClure is teaching at the Brandin' Iron on Thursday Nights. Paul has granted us permission to film his class.  This is a real treat!  To view the video online, click here!

The 1993 UCWDC Pony Swing World Champion and 1993 USADA United States Country Western Dance Champion

Pictures and Videos!
As many of you know, there is a lot of history in the dance world over the last two decades.  Much of that history is in the form of pictures and videos!  Pictures of competitions, of friends and of dance clubs.  So look around and see what you can find.  New photos posted weekly!
Dance Clubs
So what is new going on?  I will be posting current pictures of dancers from the local clubs in Southern California.  For right now, check out the Brandn' Iron Section!  This is a great club with down-to-earth folks - my friends!

Dance Instructors
There will also be a growing listing of dance instructors.
Do You Remember?
Do you remember the Pacific Ryder Band?  Or do you remember the ole days from Dance Time? Or J.Ws. Cowboy in Anaheim, California?  If you do, then you will be delighted because photos will soon be posted.

So hang out and keep iDanceTime on your web list!


Bill and Gloria, Owners of the Brandin Iron at the Club's 14th annual celebration!