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Many stately mansions and castles that have survived over the centuries have become obscured and hidden from the mainstream commonwealth.  Now, one Jim Stringer of Riverside California, a seasoned mason has brought back to light the ancient history of sculpturing brick that was at one time the traditional foundation afforded only by noblemen.  Creatively talented, Stringer is fascinated by the resourcefulness of his long forgotten predecessors.  Much like an anthropologist, Stringer has researched the masonry mysteries and brought life back into the concepts, designs and even the macabre that was nested in the hills in a time of valor.

  Glen Gery Brick and Quartzite Stone 

Glen Gery Brick and Quartzite StoneIts about heritage, said Stringer.  I have an exceptional cliental that will not tolerate a house made of sticks and drywall.  My clients want to imbue their estates with substance and a quality of history.  When I meet with the client I get a feel for their unique personality and then the design stages begin to materialize.  Then usually during the course of construction a client will make frequent visits to the project and that is when the magic beings to take shape.  The client gets a sense of his own majestic qualities through the reflection of my work.  Its very gratifying when that happens, said Stringer with a tone of satisfaction. 

Jim Stringer has an impressive list of clients and a gallery of extraordinary projects to match.  When asked about his availability Stringer seemed a bit reserved.  Its all about the challenge, he remarked.  Ive got to be interested when I get involved with a project, and usually when it challenges the engineering and creative aspects of my abilities, that is to say, to create a piece of work that stands out, I cant resist and I schedule in a start date.

Craftsman above left:  Jim Stringer and Dave Reynoso.

See the last chimney designed and built by the Jedi Master

If you are interested in the signature quality of Jim Stringer and his testimonials of art worthy to be passed down though the generations, then I encourage you to make his acquaintance and consider Jim for your next project.  


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