Digital Art by Kathi Stringer

Hi:-)  I've always wanted to try digital art.  So I just did it!  Here you will find projects work with and hopefully I will improve as time goes on.  Today, June 7, 2000 I am uploading my first creation.  I spent about 1.5 hours on it.  I know, for some of you pros it much look pretty lame, but hey!  I'm trying!  So without further adew, click on my first creation below which I titled, "Watcher"

6/7/00 This is my first project ever.  It's not that complicated but gave me a chance to get the feel using 3D and how it relates to the 3 axis.  It took some getting used to after working with 2D for so long.

Land Down Under
6/9/00 This is my second picture.  I was playing around with light, it reflection and effects.  My goal was to create a type of green laser ray.  Also when creating the green overhead light it was my first time playing around with the Neg and Pos elements to create an concave effect in the light cylinder.  Once established I used a cone light ray to light up an area on the seabed while illuminating the light pattern.  


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