My Mom!

July 11, 2000

These pictures were taken on the spur of the moment.  The picture I am pointing at was painted by my brother, Jim Stringer.  Pretty darn good, eh?  You can also see me sitting at Katelyn's table.  She fits better then I do.  I seem to be pondering, yeah, pondering when the flash is going to go off in the camera.  The last picture I am standing on my bed!  See, just a kid at heart!  

These are only thumbnails.  Clink on picture for much larger view.

kathiupper.jpg (18664 bytes)   kathi-pic.jpg (44394 bytes)    kathisitting.jpg (46943 bytes)    kathibed-2.jpg (31475 bytes)

Now...this picture below is Wallpaper!  Expand, then right click and save as!

kathisitting.jpg (46943 bytes)

Sorry, I just couldn't resist...<big grin>



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