"San Francisco"

Written by Kathi Stringer

Twilight heights,
    dabbed with fragrance of the salty breeze.
Illuminates a mysterious, magical city,
    magnificently alive above the sea!

Enchantment and wonder
    provoke curiosity about the hillside streets.
While the shanty bay,
    harbors some of it's relic fleets.

Streets lights glow,
    revealing tracks and trolleys.
The night scene starring
    the dancing follies.

    the city's past and present intertwine.
    stirring excitement about the landmarks you find.

You may discover the splendor,
    of the Golden Gate,
Or where the inmates of Alcatraz
    met their fate.

Nostalgia of Chinatown,
    with hidden nooks and crannies.
Folk-lore of Fisher men's Wharf,
    rustic boardwalks still get sandy.

Yet lingers the reminiscence,
    of the Barbary Coast.
Where it's "red light" customers,
    gladly drank their toast.

Pleasantly dine amidst
    the lush garden courts.
Where patrons relish
    imaginative menus of sorts.

A detour, an excursion,
    to Telegraph Hill,
Displays colorful Victorian Homes,
    monuments of the craftsmen's skill.

Some of the city's characters,
    the people you meet,
Are as special and unique
    as it's own Lombard Street.

Soon, to San Francisco,

    I'll be on my way.
The intriguing city
    above the bay.





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