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Mental Health Advocate - All the Time

Computer Software Designer & Programmer - Sometimes

Kathi's Attitude - All the Time

Bi-Polar Mixed / PTSD / DID
Before Dx'd Bipolar was:

Self Employed - Administrative   (One Bio)

Professional Dancer / Instructor

WHAT  I DO NOW  1996 to Present

Kathi Stringer & Stephen W. Mayberg, Ph.D., Director, California State Department of Mental Health (SDMH) - 2004
Sherry M. & Kathi Stringer at an election meeting for the California Network of Mental Health Clients
Directors for the California Network of Mental Health Clients. Left to Right, ?, Georgia DeGroat, Willie, Kathi Stringer, Sally Zinmin (exec), Michael. 
What I do In Mental Health:
  • Advocate for people (staff/clients) in the mental health system
    • People mistreated in psych hospitals
    • People mistreated in out-patient
    • Treaters reaching out for affective treatment modalities
    • Mistreated Providers in contract with the Riverside County Mental Health Plan (MHP)
  • Member of the Riverside County Western Regional Mental Health Board
  • Participant on the Riverside County Quality Improvement Committee (QIC)
  • Director for the Far South Region of the California Network of Mental Health Clients (CNMHC)
  • Editor of "Performance Improvement Newsletter" (PIN)
  • Web owner of Kathi's Mental Health Review
  • Member of Depression Bipolar Support Alliance of Riverside (DBSA-Riverside)
  • Certified to facilitate NAMI Peer-to-Peer courses for consumers
  • Author of Mental Health Articles that are Published/Referenced in Research & Teaching Materials


  • Network with like minded individuals that are moving for positive change in the mental health system. To endorse critical thinking that provides knowledge, training, and positive leadership.
  • Consult Quality Improvement (QI) with the State Department of Mental Health (SDMH)
  • Work in partnership with Patient's Rights Departments.
  • Request Corrective Action and In-service Training in hospitals and facilities when patients are abused & neglected - physically, emotionally and spirituality.
  • File complaints with the appropriate oversight agencies




19731996                        Administrative                        Corona, CA

President and Owner - Companies

Sciatek Industries (left) 18 years. Gils Western Wear, Grinder Hut, Hair tailors, & Dancetime.  Provided parts and engineering for medical, aerospace, electronic, automotive and commercial companies.  Knowledgeable in payroll, receivables, engineering, quoting, planning, and quality assurance.

Quality Control Have written quality control manuals to meet MIL-I-45208A for stringent quality assurance.  Have met with agents for quality sourcing and inspection.  Have engaged in Corrective Action, Material Review Boards, First Articles and Accountability.


Professional Dancer / Instructor

Kathi Stringer
(Center of Circle)
Dance Instructor for Norco Parks and Recreation

My Feet LOL!

My Boat Eliminator Pickle-fork

Kathi Stringer - (Center Front)
Dance Instructor for Corona Parks and Recreation

My Dance Studio - DanceTime
Built at Main Street Canyon Ranch
Corona - End of South Main

My Dance Studio - DanceTime
Built at Main Street Canyon Ranch
Corona - End of South Main


Pictured here: Brown & Sharpe Screw Machine - Trained/Owned/Taught

Pictured here: Okuma CNC - Trained/Owned/Taught

Parts I've Built  -
Red Part is Eliminator Boat Steering Hub

Mike & Kathi - Modeling for Gil's Western Wear at my Ranch in South Corona My Friend, Debi Williams, my cool car and biz - Gil's Western Wear in Norco Newspaper Ad for Teaching with Parks and Recreation in Corona

Dancing with Mike

My Best Friend - Cristina

Gloria and I in a Dance Contest

Some Competitions Below
Embassy Ball California Open Bandstand
Denver National           Crazy Horse        Star Ball
Dances: West Coast Swing, Texas Two-Step, Waltz and Polka
Rosendo and I won Sweetheart Dance at Nellie Weaver Hall in Norco

Some of Kathi's Dance Awards

My Office at Home


 As for January 30, 2005