Changing Hunds (Hundreds) In Your Layout


AutoCAM! has defaults for operations Feed Stock, Index, Pull Out, Approch, Away, Clear & Stop - etc based on the machine. OOG, OG & 2G.  You can over ride the defaults by resetting the Hunds.  When you make a change, AutoCAM! notices and sets an internal Flag. 
In this layout we want to adjust the Hunds for Feed Stock and Pull Out.  On Feed Stock we change it from 3 Hunds to 6 Hunds  On Pull Out we change it from 5 Hunds to 7 Hunds
We have made the changes below.  Click APPLY to recalculate the layout
You may want to reset all the changes back to the defults in AutoCAM!.  This is easy.  Click on TOOLS in menu and click on "Reset Flags."