Shorthand for Operation

For rapid data entry

Example:  Enter f and it will be converted to Feed Stock when you leave the cell.

f = Feed Stock

i = Index

c = Center

i = Index

d = Drill

and etc.

Table of Shortcut keys

Feed Stock :f    feed stock    FEED STOCK
Index     i    index    INDEX    I
Drill  d     DRILL     drill      D
Center c     center     CENTER     Date     C
Pull Out p     PULLOUT     pullout     pull out     PULL OUT     Pull Out    P
 Ream r     REAM     ream     R
 Stop s     STOP     stop     S
 Bore b     B     BORE     bore
Fcs Form ff      FF
 Rcs Cutoff rc     RC
Rcs Form rf      RF
 Fcs Form f      F
Vert Cutoff v     vert     VERT     V
Recess R      r
Approch a       A
Clear cl      CL
Thread t       T
Tap In ti        TI
Dwell d        D
Boxturn bt       BT
Trepan tp       TP