Threading and Tapping

In this case we are threading the OD with a diehead
Enter .400 Rise
Enter high and low spindle speeds - 1250 / 250
Enter the 24 TPI - Threads Per Inch
Click on APPLY and AutoCAM! will complete the layout
See next image
As you can see, AutoCAM! adjusted the Rise from .400 to .465 using the B&S forumla.
Under Operation, enter both TAPS.  When you click on Tap In, AutoCAM! with auto put Tap In
Enter the .400 Rise on both Taps. 
Enter 20 TPI for the first tap and 32 TPI for the second tap.
Click APPLY and AuotCAM! will complete the layout.

Notice that AutoCAM! adjusted the rise for both taps.  They are not adjusted the same since the TPI was different for each of them.  The rise on both were adjusted using the B&S forumla.