Software by Kathi Stringer

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   Software for Brown & Shape Screw Machines.  Renders a full cam layout in minutes.  No knowledge of formulas required.  Packaged with AutoCAM!, PickupCAM! and MaterialCALC! 
Software for Brown & Sharpe Screw Machines.  This tool is excellent for delivering accurate information quickly for pickup cams.   The tool produces; job runtime seconds for pickup lead cams with Tap, Thread (dia head), Surface Feet Per Minute (SFM), Spindle Speed (SS), aligning seconds with desired feed.  Has host of functions to 'reverse engineer' cam formulas.  For example, if the job was running in 20 seconds, simply enter the Spindle Speed, Seconds and Hundreds to output an answer - Feed per Revolution ..i.e. .Feed = .0023.  This information is helpful because suppose the tool can handle a feed of .005 thereby boosting the runtime in seconds by 100%.  
Software for machinists or designers building dovetails.  Simply enter the dimensions for one dovetail and the dimensions for the mating dovetail are instantly generated.  Pgm tool allows for clearance input to reduce slide friction.  Output is fully illustrated with corresponding dimensions for clear comprehension.