Borderline Personality Disorder
For Individuals with BPD

Borderline and Beyond: Revised by Laura Paxton   

Reader comment:  "Having suffered with this disorder for so many years I am always on the look out for new information and ideas. Borderline and Beyond, is filled with refreshingly simple ideas to help the Borderline ground him/herself during episodes. The book is set up in a way that readers can implement the ideas both during a crisis as well as on an everyday basis in our journey to healing. Paxton has written words that touch at the very core of our lives, but doesn't just leave the reader saying "yeah that's how I feel", she gives follow-up work so we can learn to cope with those feelings and move towards healing. Paxton is quick to point out that the book is not to stand on its own but rather goes hand in hand with psychotherapy, a reminder for both the borderline and the therapist. This is a wonderful book."

Eclipses: Behind the Borderline Personality Disorder by Melissa Ford Thornton 

Reader comment: "As a therapist, Melissa's personal accounts are inspiring and heartfelt. She presents many of the difficulties of this disorder in an understanding & compassionate way. Very happy to see her inclusion of Dialectic Behavior Therapy info & materials. However, I don't think the book is very well organized. Example: Chp. 2 on Inpatient Therapy seems a bit premature & could be frightening to clients who are new to the awareness of their diagnosis. There are examples (the one of the other patients using restraint on another patient) that if they are questionable, and I believe they are, shouldn't have been included. I would hesitate to recommend this book to my clients because of such examples although I am always looking for new materials to inspire hope in my clients and to get their cooperation for the use of DBT materials. I would encourage Melissa to do a revised version looking at content organization, making the writing more fluid, and the use of appropriate helpful examples."

Life at the Border: Understanding and Recovering from the Borderline Personality Disorder by Leland M. Heller, M.D. 

Reader comment: "Offering help to borderline personalities and their loved ones long before other popular self help writers, Dr. Heller's book suffers from miserable printing and formatting. It's a shame, because Life at the Border is jam packed with straightforward and valuable overview information. Family Physician and "positive thinker" Dr. Heller places an interesting, optimistic emphasis on the biological causes and cures of BPD (especially limbic brain disorders) (while not neglecting the full spectrum of causes and treatments, including supportive alternative treatments). He mentions in passing that he will be writing a book on coping with borderline personalities and for those who need to deal with the trauma of having lived with a borderline; his unique contribution in that area is long overdue. He writes in conclusion to the borderline personality: "Find a therapist and get the help you need. Then read as many positive, mentally healthy books as you can and as often as you can -- it will make a difference. Listen to motivational tapes every day, and retrain your brain with positive, healthy affirmations. Make peace with God and your spirituality. If possible, make peace with your loved ones. Most of all, make peace with the most important person in the world -- the one in the mirror. He/she needs and deserves to be forgiven." Dated and badly in need of a completely revised version, but still very valuable."

Imbroglio : Rising to the Challenges of Borderline Personality Disorder by Janice M. Cauwels 

Reader comment: "Having been diagnosed with BPD, I found this book helpful in many ways. It helped me to see what other's were seeing in my actions. It helped me know that I "wasn't crazy." It helped me to see how I could help those near me to help and understand me, and my illness. For other's with this diagnosis, I do want to add that some of the testimonies can hit a little too close to home."