Books in Kathi's Library

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy of Borderline Patients
Kernberg et. al. 

Borderline Psychopathology and Its Treatment
Gerald Adler

Treatment of the Borderline Personality
Patricia M. Chatham 

My Work with Borderline Patients
Harold Searles

The Narcissistic and Borderline Disorders
James F. Masterson 

Effective Psychotherapy with Borderline Patients (Case Studies)
Robert Waldinger & John Gunderson

Borderline Personality Disorder
John G. Gunderson He details such effects as self destructiveness, aggression, anger, validation, splitting, transferences, psychotic regression, depression, devaluation, dissociation, hospitalization, suicide, pharmacotherapy, therapy and therapist attributes....

Intensive Psychotherapy of the Borderline Patient
Richard D. Chessick

Treatment of Patient in the Borderline Spectrum
W.W. Meissner

Borderline Personality Disorder (A Clinical Guide)
John G. Gunderson

Management of Countertransference with Borderline Patients
Glen Gabbard & Sallye Wilkinson

Cognitive Behavioral Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder
Marsha M. Linehan

Borderline Conditions and Pathological Narcissism 
Otto Kernberg

Borderline Personality Disorders
Edited by Peter Hartocollis - Adler, Bior, Searles, Matterson, Gunderson and more:

Borderline Personality Vision and Healing
Nathan Schwartz-Salant  The Borderline Personality: Vision and Healing is an important contribution to understanding not only borderline personality, but basic structures and problems of the human condition. It is imaginative, profound, and clinically sound. Workers of all clinical persuasions will be enriched by Dr. Schwartz-Salant's case discussions...

Severe Personality Disorders (Psychotherapeutic Strategies)
Otto Kernberg

Borderline Patients, the Psychosomatic Focus, and the Therapeutic Process
Peter L. Giovacchini

Biological and Neurobehavioral Studies of Borderline Personality Disorder
Kenneth Silk

Borderline Personality Disorder
Joel Paris A Multidimensional Approach

Dynamic Psychotherapy with the Borderline Patient
William Goldstein

Six Steps in the Treatment of Borderline Personality Organization
Vamik Volkan

The Borderline Child
Kenneth Robson Etiology, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Becoming a Constant Object in Psychotherapy with the Borderline Patient
Cohen & Sherwood

Psychotherapy of the Quiet Borderline Patient
Sherwood & Cohen

Borderline Personality Disorder 
Gabbard et al, Tailoring the Psychotherapy to the Patient

Borderline Personality Disorder
Joel Paris Etiology and Treatment

Auxiliary Books for Understanding 
Borderline Personality Disorder

Interpreting and Holding
The Paternal and Maternal Functions of the Psychotherapist
Jeffrey Seinfeld He asserted that if a patient was untreatable, it was because the analyst or analysis had not yet devised the necessary knowledge....

Working with Resistance
Martha Stark

Perspective on Development, Psychopathology, and Technique
Mahler & Kohut

The Facilitating Partnership
Applegate & Bonovitz

Psychodynamic Psychiatry in the Clinical Practice
Glen Gabbard

Prisoners of Childhood
Alice Miller

Love and Hate in the Analytic Setting
Glen Gabbard

The Transitional Space
Peter L. Giovacchini In Mental Breakdown and Creative Integration

Useful Servants
Susan S. Levine Psychodynamic Approaches to Clinical Practice

Object Relations

Margaret Mahler 

The Psychological Birth of the Human Infant
Margaret Mahler et. al.

Margaret Mahler et. al.

The Internal Mother
Margaret Mahler et. al. Conceptual and Technical Aspects of Object Constancy

The Bad Object
Jeffrey Seinfeld
Handling the Negative Therapeutic Reaction in Psychotherapy

Object Relations in Psychoanalytic Theory
Greenberg & Mitchell

Object Relations Theory and Practice
Fairbairn, Klein, Winnicott, Bion & more

The Primer of Object Relations Therapy
Jill and David Scharff

Object Relations Family Therapy
Scharff & Scharff

Infantile Psychosis & Early Contributions
Margaret Mahler 

Object Relations Individual Therapy
Scharff & Scharff

Transference and Countertransference

Epstein & Feiner

Countertransference Issues in Psychiatric Treatment
Glen Gabbard

The Perverse Transference
Ahumada, Olagaray, Richards & Richards

The Analysis of the Transference in the Here and Now
Gregory P. Bauer

Essential Papers on Transference Analysis
Gregory P. Bauer

Beyond Countertransference
Joseph Natterson

Countertransference and Regression
Bryce Boyer

Interpreting the Countertransference 
Lawrence Hedges

Transference Neurosis & Transference Psychosis
Margaret Little

Terrifying Transferences
Lawrence E. Hedges After shocks of Childhood Trauma

Cognitive Therapy

Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Psychiatric Problems
Hawton, Salkovskis, Kirk & Clark

Cognitive-Behavioral Strategies in Crisis Intervention
Dattililo & Freeman

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Bipolar Disorder
Baseo & Rush

Practicing Cognitive Therapy
Robert Leahy

Attachment Theory

Attachment, Intimacy, Autonomy
Jeremy Holmes Using Attachment Theory in Adult Psychotherapy 

Attachment and Adult Psychotherapy
Pat Sable

Building the Bonds of Attachment
Daniel A. Hughes Awakening Love n Deeply Troubled Children

Facilitating Developmental Attachment
Daniel A. Hughes The Road to Emotional Recovery and Behavioral Change in Forster and Adopted Children

Child Psychotherapy 

Child & Adolescent Therapy 
Philop C. Kendall

Techniques of Child Therapy 
Morton Chethik Psychodynamic Strategies

Understanding, Diagnosing, and Treating AD/HD in Children and Adoilescents
Incorvaia, Mark-Goldstein & Tessmer An Integrative Approach

Child Psychotherapy
Sophie L. Lovinger From Initial Therapeutic Contact to Termination

Parents as Therapeutic Partners
Kraft & Landreth Listening to Your Child's Play

Culturally Diverse Children and Adolescents
Canino & Spurlock