Narcissist Personality Disorder

Culture of Narcissism: American Life in an Age of Diminishing Expectations
by Christopher Lasch (Paperback - May 1991)

Sam Vaknin's comments:
The outlines, dynamics and faults of our narcissistic civilization.

Personality Disorders in Modern Life
by Theodore Millon (Author), Roger Davis (Author) (Hardcover)
Sam Vaknin's comments:
A multi-faceted study of personality disorders (biological, psychodynamic, cognitive, etc.)

Disorders of Narcissism: Diagnostic, Clinical, and Empirical Implications
by Elsa F. Ronningstam (Editor) (Paperback - January 2000)
Sam Vaknin's comments:
Psychotherapy and its effects in the treatment of pathological narcissism.

Narcissism and Character Transformation: The Psychology of Narcissistic Character Disorders (190P)
by Nathan Schwartz-Salant (Paperback)

Sam Vaknin's comments:
An analytic - mainly Jungian - perspective on narcissism.

The Destructive Narcissistic Pattern
by Nina W. Brown (Author) (Hardcover - August 1998)

Sam Vaknin's comments:
Not all people with narcissistic traits actually suffer from the Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

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