Narcissist Personality Disorder

The Kohut Seminars on Self Psychology and Psychotherapy With Adolescents and Young Adults
by Miriam Elson (Editor), et al (Hardcover - September 1987)

Sam Vaknin's comments:
Kohut's renowned and seminally important Self Psychology seminars.

Toward Self and Sanity: On the Genetic Orgins of the Human Character
by Anthony M. Benis

Sam Vaknin's comments:
A genetically based, dimension-oriented approach to narcissism, aggression and perfectionism.

Shame: The Underside of Narcissism
by Andrew P. Morrison (Paperback - September 1997)
Sam Vaknin's comments:
Shame and narcissism - two sides of the same coin or cause and effect?

The Drama of the Gifted Child: The Search for the True Self
by Alice Miller (Paperback - December 1996)
Sam Vaknin's comments:
The gifted, doted upon, child often grows to be a narcissism. Anatomy of a gift as a curse.

Trapped in the Mirror: Adult Children of Narcissists in Their Struggle for Self
Sam Vaknin's comments:
The victims' plight - the dynamics of abuse and co-dependence.

Why Is It Always About You?: Saving Yourself from the Narcissists in Your Life
by Sandy Hotchkiss (Hardcover - May 2002)
Sam Vaknin's comments:
A down to earth, how to cope with a narcissist, guide.
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