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BICYCLE RIDING ROBOTTOKYO - A Japanese company has unveiled a robot which can ride a bike.  More



The robot fish in action.Robot FISH - They swim like tuna, accelerate like pike and navigate like eel -- but More



ROBOT CARS - Five robots have successfully navigated desert terrain to bring DARPA's dream of autonomous military vehicles closer.  More


The best trained astronaut to prepare for the next space mission is capable of working with a broad range of tools, is more flexible than a professional gymnast and has only one leg. We are not talking about a contestant to the Special Olympics; we are talking about a Robonaut, a humanoid robot NASA is relying on for the future space missions.  More


Robot Kansei Gets In Touch With Its Emotions

Expressing feelings is something not even all humans are entirely capable of.
And now a humanoid robot named Kansei is able to frown or smile according to a flow of artificial consciousness. More


Korean Yujin Robotics Offers iRobi, iClebo and Transbot Robots Technology News, Electronics Buy Guide and Gadget ReviewKorean company Yujin Robotics has announced several robots by now, trying to catch-up with Japanese and American robot competition.

The iRobi is cute house and kid sitter robot. It can be remotely controlled via the web and has a surveillance camera. It can also tutor kids with his large integrated display. The eyes and mouth of the iRobi can show different moods.  More details on the iRobi site (Korean).


Korean Yujin Robotics Offers iRobi, iClebo and Transport Robots Technology News, Electronics Buy Guide and Gadget ReviewThe Yujin Robotics Transbot is a walking toy robot. It is like a classic transformer. It can transform to a car. The game is to shoot other Transbot with the attached gun. Sensors detect if a Transbot got hit.



WakamaruThe Wakamaru robot is designed in the shape of a human being so that it's not considered simply a machine or a terminal, but rather an "independent personality." It's 3 feet tall and weighs about 66 pounds.