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*Letter Of Appreciation*

Hello Sailor Scouts! After countless hours of searching the net for Sailor Moon products I found your site! I was so happy when I came upon this site I felt like a little kid. Well I guess the reason or that was because it was for my daughter. She is a huge fan of Sailor Moon. Where we live Sailor Moon products are very rare to find. This summer my niece had gone out of town and stumbled across the Sailor Moon mini back pack. My daughter was devastated when she saw this and in tears because she wanted one so bad. There was no way I could have gone where they were and purchased one. Here is where the countless hours of searching the net came in. I found your site and was elated! We found the mini backpacks and to my surprise more than I ever thought I would. I was afraid of the prices until I saw them and I can't believe how affordable they are. My niece spent almost 10 more dollars for mini backpack then we did from your site. I have since been back to your web site and made a very large order here a Sailor Moon Christmas for my daughter. She is going to be very happy not to mention how happy mom is that I have found your site. Wonderfully done Sailor Scouts!!!!! It's a joy to see that there are beautiful people out there that know just how to please  a child and mom. Thank you so much Sailor Scouts! A special thank you to Sailor Liz who responded ASAP to my email on a few items for me and was kind to make sure my daughter received them.

Sailor Karin
May God Bless you All

Fri, 10 Nov 2000

Dear Sailor Kathi, ^_^

First of all let me say that I have never written a letter of appreciation to an online store before. But, the I Love Sailor Moon Mall is the best, and I mean the *BEST* Sailor Moon Specialty store I have come across.

I've looked all over the Internet searching for a good Sailor Moon store, and your had the most products, affordable prices, shipping to all over the place (and FAST shipping, too!), easy to use, and a really interesting site to look at and TONS of pictures! I look forward to placing my order for all the Sailor Moon goods that I want to get. Many other sites I looked at have only a teeny bit of Sailor Moon paraphernalia, and they're all VERY expensive, from $20 - $40 dollars for some of the minor stuff.

I appreciate all of the hard work that you and Liz and everyone else working the site have done to make a very, very satisfactory Sailor Moon store. I hope that you keep up the good work!!! ^_^

Sailor Moon Rocks!


Katie L.

Date Mon Nov 6
A parent writes...

I am so glad to find this mall. I have a disabled daughter who is deaf and in a wheelchair and she just loves Sailor Moon but it is so hard to find the merchandise locally, but when we do, she has it all.


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