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by Dr. Sam Vaknin

What is Abuse?

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Verbal and Emotional Abuse on Suite101

  1. What is Abuse?
  2. The Gradations of Abuse
  3. The Guilt of the Abused - Pathologizing the Victim
  4. Coping with Your Abuser
  5. The Abuser in Denial
  6. Avoiding Your Abuser - The Submissive Posture
  7. Avoiding Your Abuser - The Conflictive Posture
  8. The Tocsins of Abuse - How to Spot an Abuser on Your First Date
  9. The Tocsins of Abuse - The Abuser's Body Language
  10. The Path to Abuse
  11. Ambient Abuse
  12. Abuse by Proxy
  13. Leveraging the Children
  14. Tell Your Children the Truth

Abuse In The Family

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Spousal Abuse and Domestic Violence on Suite101

Danse Macabre
The Dynamics of Spousal Abuse

  1. Danse Macabre
  2. The Mind of the Abuser
  3. Condoning Abuse
  4. The Anomaly of Abuse
  5. Reconditioning the Abuser
  6. Reforming the Abuser
  7. Contracting with Your Abuser
  8. Your Abuser in Therapy
  9. Testing the Abuser
  10. Conning the System
  11. Befriending the System
  12. Working with Professionals
  13. Interacting with Your Abuser