Journal Entries
and Articles about Narcissism

by Dr. Sam Vaknin

How I "Became" a Narcissist (The Genesis of Narcissism)

My Woman and I (Narcissists and Women)

Narcissist, the Machine (The Narcissist's Self-Image)

The Narcissist is Looking for a Family

The Magic of My Thinking (Narcissism and Magical Thinking)

The Music of My Emotions (Narcissism and Emotions)

I Love to be Hated (Narcissism and Masochism)

Grandiosity Deconstructed (Narcissism and Grandiosity)

The Entitlement of Routine (Narcissism and Entitlement)

Wasted Lives (Narcissism and Self-Defeat)

The Split Narcissist (Narcissism, False and True Selves)

The Anxiety of Boredom (Narcissism and Anxiety)

A Great Admiration (Narcissism and Grandiose Fantasies)