The NPD Catechism - By Dr. Vaknin

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The NPD Catechism
The Flagship of NPD

Introduction by Kathi Stringer

The Letter
Her letter exemplifies the symptomlogy of Narcissist Personality Disorder.  As she succinctly writes of each behavior, the conclusions seem to jump off the paper.  We can see; the lack of empathy, self-centeredness, demanding, moody, attention-seeking, distortion, re-writing history, denial, emotional blackmail, instability and a collage of others.  We are left wondering why she still cares. Why she doesnt see him as an abuser?  We also wonder about the dynamics that keep her hoping.  Is there hope? 

3-Part Answer
Vaknin is at the helm, and linked into the hyperdrives and subroutines of NPD.  He spearheads the determinants that are constitutional of the NPD flagship.  His answers are for the motivated individual seeking to improve control of their lives.  Dr. Vaknin breaks her letter into segments, responds to each, and followed up with a rich array of extended reading.  Strap yourself in for a revealing exploration of the NPD.  All systems: A-W-A-R-E.

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