What We Do

Sciatek is a full service machine shop specializing in areas of CNC turning and CNC milling. Our customer platform consists of aerospace, medical, electronic, automotive, marine and commercial companies.

Winning the Contracts

What do we do differently? Our CNC's are setup with barfeeds and programmable code to virtually eliminate tooling. Pair this up with highly experienced professionals and you end up with a product produced with the least amount of resistance.

SCIATEK Recognition

Illustrated above in the Sciatek's header is a Hughes Aircraft Communications Satellite. Models range from the TeleStar to GPS units. Through negotiations with Hughes Aircraft we were able to gain key contracts to build intricate components requiring strict quality standards. During the production process our engineering team played a strategic role to identify and eradicate certain problematic elements leading to a more compliable design. Hughes, acknowledging Sciatek capabilities and attitudes to produce and streamline machined parts presented our company with the coveted Certified Key Supplier Award.

SCIATEK Industries